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SATT Neodymium Magnet Plant
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SATT Neodymium Magnet Plant, a subsidiary of SATT, located at Ma’anshan, with convenient transport which is only 45km from NKG (Nanjing LuKou Airport) and near to Shanghai Port.

With advantages of domestically advanced equipments, excellent technique, and experienced staff, we are capable of annual production capacity 1,000 ton of consistent and high quality sintered Neodymium magnets.

Depending on SATT R&D Center, we dedicated to the development and production of high performance sintered Neodymium magnet, especially used in the field of new energy auto-mobile motor and wind power generation. Besides, we developed radial multi-poles ring magnet, which reaches high surface magnetic flux density and overmatched the traditional approach of piece several segment magnets together.

We offer various types of high quality magnets including customized products for all potential clients with a competitive price.

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